The Challenges of Starting a Career after Graduation四级范文


Facing the rising employment pressure, a host of college graduates choose to start a career instead of looking for a regular job in a company. As we all know that, starting a career is beneficial to realize one’s own dreams and value. However, it is also widely acknowledged that stating a career will be inevitably confronted with numerous challenges.

When it comes to the challenges that we may meet in the process of staring a career, the main ones can be listed as follows. First of all, as freshmen who have just entered into the society, it is obvious that college graduates lack related experience, which will increase the rate of failure they may encounter during starting a career. Being short of entrepreneurial experience is one of difficulties that college graduates need to overcome. In addition, the collection of money is another problem they should solve urgently. Otherwise, there is no possibility of starting a career.

Although starting a career after graduation has so many challenges to be solved, college graduates still need take a positive attitude towards it. Moreover, prudent consideration and entrepreneurial spirit are also necessary for graduates to start a career.


Employment is becoming one of the biggest difficulties in the society. Nowadays, many college students have challenges to start a career after graduation. The reasons for the employment of college students are as follows.

First, the number of college students is increasing so there are fewer and fewer job opportunities in society. Besides, the requirements for the applicant is to high in many companies. What is the most important is that some college students are not strict with themselves so they do not have enough skills to adapt to the society. Therefore, we should take measures to solve this problem.

In the first place, the government is supposed to put in place some policies such as carrying out positive policies, expanding employment scale, or developing the third industry. Besides, universities should strengthen the education to improve the professional skills of college students which can enhance their competitiveness. What 's more, college students had better be strict with themselves so that they can adapt to the society better. I do hope the employment problem can be solve as soon as possible.


Nowadays, more and more graduates are inclined to start a career after graduation, however, considering the current employment circumstance, it is undoubtedly that setting up a business of their own would be bound to meet quite a lot of challenges.

To be specific, there proves to be a cruel reality that we cannot ignore that entrepreneurship requires some basic qualifications, including appropriate opportunities, initial capital, social resources and management ability, the majority of which, unfortunately, happens to be the student entrepreneurs’ shortage. In addition, the fiercer competition and mature market inevitably and correspondingly evolve into the emerging handicap to launch a business successfully, which present higher demand for students.

Therefore, as an undergraduate, in my own view, we should make a rational plan, accumulate related experience and build up a network before starting our own business.



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